About The Game

A community-driven platform where creators monetize content and gaming experiences

  • A Roblox-like creation platform for stories and puzzle games
  • Utilizes revolutionary AI content generation pipeline
  • Cross platform support
  • Build in partnership and support from companies such as Google

Core Mechanics

Experience community built narrative and puzzle games

  •  Play unique narrative experiences
  • Solve puzzles built by others
  • Compete to build the best experience for other players
  • Social features: creative guilds, chat and more

Planned release Date: December 2023

Blockchain role

NFTs created by players for players

  1.  Toolset allows prosumers to build different NFT content
  2. NFT content can be purchased on our marketplace and used to build complete playable experiences
  3. Exclusive experiences are purchased by players
The virtual world where community works together on building value and simultaneously competes to innovate.
Layer 456

With massive technological advancements in recent months, it's never been a better time to create a generative AI game!



Provides generative algorithm API plus direct access to technical support.

Google Cloud

Web3 acceleration program and $200k equity-free investment in the toolset plus world-class support.

Google Games Accelerator

Platform access to world-class mentors, advisors and exclusive alumni only resources

Start On Android

Platform access to exclusive Google Play resources (featuring opportunities and technical support).


API access to AI turning 2D images into 3D content.