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Dali Games
Based in Wroclaw, Poland

Release date:
8th October, 2018

Steam (Windows, MacOS)





EA play time:
6 - 8 hours

Regular price:
USD $14.99
EUR €12.49

In a nutshell

Lucid Dream is a heart-catching tale of little Lucy, who embarks on a fabulous journey through the worlds of dreams, seeking help for a sick mother. A girl moving on a wheelchair, deals with dreamy visions, faces a heroic fight for the lives of her loved ones. Check if fate will be kind to little Lucy?

Full description

Lucid Dream is a thrilling story about the adventures of little Lucy. Painfully experienced by fate, the girl wanders the colorful dream worlds in search of help for her sick mother. For a girl chained to a wheelchair, this is the only chance to get rid of physical limitations, and achieve the desired goal. During the game, we will get to know a number of incredible characters, inhabiting surrealistic lands, and we will face dozens of challenging puzzles. Thanks to the wonderful, hand-drawn graphics, each dream world is a unique atmosphere, additionally enhanced by a dedicated musical setting. Delving into the story of Lucy, it is impossible not to shed tears. Held in suspense and full of unexpected twists, history will be remembered for you long after Lucid Dream is finished. Check if fate will be kind to little Lucy?

Key Features

  • 11 hand-drawn chapters with unique locations.
  • Amazing adventure with a deep story that captivates from beginning to end.
  • Extraordinary characters with their own personality and agenda.
  • Countless clever, challenging and unconventional puzzles.
  • Each chapter has it's own original soundtrack.

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About Dali Games

Dali Games was founded to create a unique adventure game. All our attention is currently focused on the completion of Lucid Dream, but we already have dozens of ideas for new productions in our heads, which we want to release in the future thanks to your support.

The Lucid Dream budget is entirely self-financed and the production work carried out after hours. Each of us professionally deals with other projects, so the more we are proud of the effect that we have achieved. We do not rest on our laurels and we are constantly working with you on the final touch of Lucid Dream.

We want our games to raise important social problems, have a soul, delight visually and have an interesting gameplay. We hope that this simple recipe will allow us to achieve success, which will help us to develop the studio and work full-time on new projects.

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Monetization Permission

Dali Games allows for the contents of Lucid Dream to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Lucid Dream is legally & explicitly allowed by Dali Games. This permission can be found in writing at


Grzegorz Kowal:
Code, Gameplay

Piter Lezon:
Concept, Story

Kuba Terlecki:
Graphics, Animation

Lukas Szprigiel:
Music, Sound